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Storage in Chilliwack, BC V2R 0W3

We have great facilities designed with you needs in mind. When you rent from us, you'll have easy access to your trailer, motorhome or belongings. Give us a call or book online today!

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Why Use Progress Storage?

Customer Service

It is our dedication to customer service. We are committed to offering you exceptional value for your money.

Book and Pay Online

  • Our online software is easy to use and has all the features for a rich interactive experience.
  • Only storage facility in the area with online booking
  • Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, interact etransfer, and company checks all accepted
  • No need to remember to pay your monthly bill with our automated billing system

Parking for trailers and RVs

We designed your RV parking for a stress free experience. You get:

  • Dedicated parking reserved just for you
  • 45 degree angled parking for ease of backing in (spaces 25 ft+)
  • A clean organized compound
  • fenced, gated, locked compound
  • Security onsite

Self storage units

Progress Storage benefits you with:

  • Steel container based self storage units
  • Sizes from 8x10 to 8 x 40 (a full 40 ft long ocean going steel container)
  • clean, organized, fenced, gated, locked compound
  • All grade level exterior access - no stairs or elevators or long hallways
  • Security onsite

All the convenience and security you need

Extended access hours, 7 days a week
Great Customer Service
Onsite Security
Online Bill Pay
Credit Cards and Visa or Mastercard Debit Accepted
Self storage unit from 8x10 to 8x40 available
Variety of parking spaces for RVs
Fenced gated compound
Legal land use, not farmland

Our Promise to you


We take the security of your vehicle or belongings seriously and our SSL secure website protects your personal information

Customer Service

We commit to providing you a clean, ready-to-rent unit and friendly helpful employees


Manage your storage facility from the convenience of your own home, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

20 ft Standard Parking Space (20.0x10.0x20.0)


Fits a pickup truck, box camper, smaller trailer or anything up to 20 ft long. Not suitable for travel trailers which should use wider spots.

$50 / month

35 ft Angled Parking Space (35.0x12.0x20.0)


Vehicles to 35 ft long

$95 / month

45 ft Angled Parking Space (45.0x12.0x20.0)


Vehicles from 35-45 ft

$120 / month

25 ft Angled Parking Space (25.0x12.0x20.0)


Vehicles from 20-25 ft. These spots back on each other and can be combined to make 50 ft by selecting both a Section 5 & 6 spot or 12 & 14 spot that have the same letter.

$80 / month

Waiting List

8x20 ft Self Storage (20.0x8.0x8.5)


20 ft deep storage container, 8 ft wide. You lock it, you keep the key. For business or personal storage.

$210 / month

8x40 ft Self Storage (40.0x8.0x8.5)


40 ft deep modular storage container, 8 ft wide. You lock it, you keep the key. For business or personal storage.

$290 / month

40 ft Straight Parking (40.0x12.0x20.0)


Vehicles to 40 ft long

$120 / month

Waiting List

Compact Parking Space (10.0x15.0x20.0)


Parking space for compact trailer or car up to 15 ft long. Please verify suitability on site.

$45 / month

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55 ft Angled Parking (55.0x12.0x20.0)


55+ ft of space

$150 / month

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22 ft Straight Parking Space (22.0x10.0x20.0)


Fits a car, pickup truck, box camper, or anything up to 22 ft long. Not recommended for travel trailers over 18 ft as these are 90 degree access.

$60 / month

Waiting List

8x22 ft Self Storage Insulated (22.0x8.0x8.0)


22 ft deep insulated unit with a slide or rollup door.

$220 / month

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8x40 ft Self Storage High Cube Container (40.0x8.0x8.5)


Higher capacity taller version of a 8 × 40 ft deep shipping container

$300 / month

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30 ft Angled Parking Spot (30.0x12.0x20.0)


Trailers and RVs up to 30 ft in length

$90 / month

20 ft Angled Parking (20.0x12.0x20.0)


For trailers up to 20 ft in length. Use straight parking for passenger vehicles.

$65 / month

Waiting List

20 ft Wider Parking Space (20.0x12.0x20.0)


More generous width then our standard 20 ft deep spaces so better for small trailers. Also good for pickup trucks and passenger vehicles.

$60 / month

Waiting List

8x40 ft Self Storage Insulated (40.0x8.0x8.5)


40 ft sea can with insulated roof

$325 / month

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8x20 ft Self Storage Insulated (20.0x8.0x8.5)


20 ft deep insulated roof storage container, 8 ft wide. You lock it, you keep the key. For business or personal storage.

$225 / month

8X25 ft Self Storage (25.0x8.0x8.5)


25 ft deep modular self storage container, 8 ft wide. You lock it, you keep the key. For business or personal storage

$230 / month

8x10 ft Self Storage (8.0x10.0x9.0)


80 sq ft of storage

$125 / month

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